Do you want to deal effectively with your time? Meditate.

I have noticed that when I am restless or indecisive, I am not very active with my time. I have decided that if I see this unrest, I will meditate for 10 minutes. I have noticed that usually the peace returns, and there is again focused on what I want to do. I also write this message after I’ve meditated. Before that, I was restless and indecisive. I had not thought of writing this message before.


So when you notice that you are uneasy or indecisive, meditate for 5 or 10 minutes. The meditation can also be running, walking or washing up.  If you go out of your head and return in your rest, in your stomach, in your body. After the meditation, you will deal with your time so much better. You are better focused. You save time. Furthermore, you get a mountain of inner peace in front of which you say to yourself.


Are you struggling to apply this then hang in large letters the text ‘Restless? Meditate? ” in your field of vision or ask your partner, who often noticed the unrest more quickly than you, to draw your attention to it. Even then it is not always easy to get out of your active comfort zone and meditate. The mere thought that you could do it makes you slowly ready to do it at some point. I can speak from experience.