Only From Equality Will We Build A Stronger And Fairer Society

On March 8, International Women’s Day, every year becomes a day full of demands and struggle, commitment and responsibility, confidence and future. March 8 becomes a reminder that warns us that we are not yet faced with an egalitarian society and that we still have a difficult path before achieving real and effective equality between women and men. March 8 pushes us to continue working in favor of the empowerment of women and gender equality.

Citizens must have the conviction that it is essential to incorporate the values, work, and knowledge of women into society. That the economic, political and social participation of women is necessary to improve the quality of a democratic and advanced society. Only by achieving authentic equality of rights and opportunities between women and men will a stronger and juster society be built.

It is true that since we began this day, we have taken significant steps toward equality. Thanks to the work and individual and collective effort, we have advanced in education, labor, and civil rights, in the participation of women in public and political life.

The non-conformity has a long history of positive transformations, but even having achieved considerable progress, no country can say that it has made gender equality either in public or the private sphere. Therefore we must work for women to have the same right to recognition as men and propose solutions. Every time a woman is ignored, she becomes invisible.

Gender inequality manifests itself in all areas. When women seek work, they find a part-time job and more precarious than their peers. But even with the same situation, due to wage inequality and performing the same position and with the same skills, at the end of the month the man by the sole condition of his gender, charges a higher salary. That is why we have to develop a law of equal pay that equates women and men.

In companies, women occupy positions of less responsibility. About 52% of the world’s population are women, but men hold most areas of power and prestige. Consequently, we must promote policies for the promotion of equality in access to areas of responsibility in the business field. After all, gender gaps in salaries and opportunities that make us drag a significant imbalance that doesn’t enhance the quality of life of women.

Likewise, the distribution of domestic affairs and care in the private sphere remains uneven. The burden continues to be on women and only with genuine co-responsibility between women and men will real opportunities be balanced for them.

Achieving equality depends on the whole of society. Of the governments expanding and improving the laws on equality and protection of women and applying educational policies that encourage them, of companies offering quality jobs and equal remuneration to women and men, of mothers and fathers who teach their sons and daughters that All human beings are equal and must be treated and educated in the same way.

Achieving a more egalitarian social model and a better and juster society, which leads to the dissolution of inequalities between women and men, depends on us and us.